Come and greet the world’s animals at the Cape May County Park and Zoo. Found close to Cape May homes, the zoo houses an incredible array of species from across the globe. Self guided strolls are great adventures for the family. Guided tours go with the experts lending more insight into the animals flourishing on the grounds.

Animal encounters are even more in depth allowing visitors to get to know their favorites up close and personal. Stick your neck out in the Giraffe Encounter and learn all about these wonderful beings. North American River Otters are silly behind the scenes in their own animal encounter. While there’s plenty of monkeying around in the Primate Encounter, feathers often get ruffled during the Aviary Encounter. Learn more here.

Meet Lex the African Lion on Cape May Property 

Adopt an animal at the Cape May County Park and Zoo. This worthwhile program allows folks to support their favorite critter living in the Cape May property and in the wild. Popular animals to adopt include Mork the river otter, Lex the African lion, Luna the red panda and Joanie the giraffe. Packages include photos, fact sheets, an adoption certificate and a special keepsake. Conservation programs are vital to the survival of animals in the wild. The Cape May County Park and Zoo is avidly involved with a variety of conservation organizations. Learn more about them here.

The care of the world’s animals depends on future generations. Educational efforts introduce wildlife to local youngsters. Scout programs are designed with badge goals in mind. Zoo-To-You presentations bring animal ambassadors to the schools for informative introductions. After school programs keep kids learning. The very young benefit from the Littlest Explorers and Crafts with Critters. Children over 10 can sign up to be a Jr. Zoo Keeper to learn all about the care and feeding of the wildlife.

The zoo is located close to Cape May homes. There is no charge for admission to enter making it an affordable experience for everyone. Open seven days a week, impromptu visits are a must! Hours are 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the winter with gates staying open an extra hour in the summertime. Take a sneak peek at the zoo map before heading out.